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WHO: 'Toby', Samantha, catatonic Tonks, random innkeeper
WHAT: Getting a room and tucking in Tonks and explaining to Samantha
WHEN: After screwing Sirius over in Iceland
WHERE: London. Leaky Cauldron.

'Toby' and his bundle touched down pretty late at night. Just outside the Diagon side of the Leaky Cauldron. Putting an invisibility charm on his bundles, 'Toby' strode inside. The man at the bar wasn't anyone he recognized. He reached into his pocket and found his last bit of coin. Two Galleons, seven Sickles, and a pair of knuts.

"How much for a room, then?" 'Toby' asked the man.

"Five sickles," came the reply, drowsily. 'Toby' slapped all seven sickles on the bar.

"I'll take a room and a bowl of broth to be sent up as soon as possible," he replied, taking the keys offered. "If a woman follows me in, do send her to the same room."

"Number five, sir."

'Toby' ran up the stairs. He had to get his bundle warm.
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