Remus J. Lupin (notromulus) wrote in thekosherpork,
Remus J. Lupin

WHO: Tonks and Remus
WHAT: Remus not leaving the side of his lady-love
WHERE: Still the Leaky Cauldron... Snape's gone to get more potion
WHEN: After she wakes up.

Remus continued holding Tonks' hand long into the day. He just wanted her to wake up. Biting his lower lip, he almost teared up. What if she was never the same? What if she wouldn't still love him? This could be terrible.

"Tonks," he whispered. "I just need you to know that I love you, and I've loved you for a long time."

There. That should be good enough, right? Might as well make it even harder for her to remain silent. "I'm a thirty-seven year old virgin." If that didn't make her laugh, there was nothing further he could do.
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