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WHO: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Gilderoy Lockhart
WHERE: Starts with Sirius and Remus down the street from Tonks' flat. Perhaps Lockhart could join in at some point.
WHEN: Monday morning
WHAT: Remus Lupin's diabolical scheme to rescue his lady-love from prison!
RATING: How 'bout R? There'll potentially be swearing.

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WHO: Sirius & Samantha, guest-starring the infamous Mad-Eye Moody
WHERE: Sirius's flat
WHAT: Arguing, freaking out, and general carrying on worthy of what's been happening
WHEN: Right after Samantha got Sirius's owl

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WHO: Samantha, Dark Elves, Tonks
WHERE: Azkaban prison
WHEN: Shortly before the full moon

Azkaban was well into it's winter season. The dreary castle was practically frozen over as its contents struggled to survive. The prison allowed vistors, but only in the strictest sense. Any witch or wizard would be allowed in after a magic check, wand check, sniff test, and the occasional monetary bribe. Of course, that was all if one could find the castle. More often than not, the castle has to find you. Meaning that once the witch or wizard managed to even get to Iceland (and there are no feasible floo or apparation networks), they would be stuck hiking through the icy tundra and glaciers until they found the Magic Territory. If one could then finally manage to get any information from any fellow wizard there, usually it was not helpful or a burried riddle.
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Go away, eh? Let me drink.

WHO: Sirius & Samantha
WHAT: Sirius drinking himself silly, Samantha ranting
WHERE: The Three Broomsticks
WHEN: Tuesday evening, after the trial
RATING: PG-13 or R, depending

Sirius had tucked himself in a dark corner of the Three Broomsticks with his first drink of the night. He had a very definite feeling that this was going to be the last night he was going to be able to hide behind his Desmond disguise. Life was going to be crazy from here on out. He could only hope that what he had done would turn out to be worth it.


Poll #850286 Guilty or Not Guilty?

What do you find the defendant?

Not Guilty - Clear of all charges
Not Guilty - Dishonorable discharge from Aurorship
Guilty - Communicating with the enemy, treasonGuilty - Communicating with the enemy, treason
Guilty - Communicating with the enemy, high treason
Guilty - Death Eater, high treason

Trial Day One
Trial Day Two
Trial Day Three